Highway, Road & Interchange Stock Photos

This page is divided into several sections featuring stock highway photographs from two-lane roads (section 1) mountain highways (section 2) desert highways (section 3) interstates & freeways (section 4) interchanges (section 5) and finally dirt roads and backroads (section 6)

Two Lane Road Roads, Highways and Backroads

Featured stock photos of scenic & rural two lane highways and roads from around the United States, with and without vehicles. Pixelmap features one of the largest independent stock photo collections of highway and road shots from the United States on the web.

Rural Montana Highway

Twists & Turns

WIsconsin Countryside Road

Road to Horizon

Montana Byway

Cyclist on Rural Road

Wine Country Highwya

Two-Lane Highway

Road into Storm

Wyoming Highway

Scenic Fall Road Scene

Green Hills and Highway

Road & Hills Beyond

Forest Lined Road

View Towards Storm on Horizon

Pennsylvania Avenue

Vineyard Drive

California Country Road

Country Road Under Clouds

Backroad Black & White

North Dakota Highway

Semi Parked Roadside

Montana Asphalt

Farm Country Road

Two-Lane Road

High Plains Highway

Streaks of Passing Lights

Iowa Highway Scene

View of Country Road

Barn & Highway

Truck Passing

Rural Missouri Road

California Vineyard Byway

Looking Down Centerline

California Two-Lane Drive

Michigan Fall Backroad

Blacktop Highway

Rural Country Drive

Moving Lights at Dawn

Catskills Backroad

Highway 61 Revisited

Truck in Motion

Indiana Country Road

Red Truck on Highway 97

Montana Plains Highway

Highway 198 in the Spring

California Drive at Sunset

Highway 58 in the Spring

West Virginia Country Road

Palouse Highway View

Michigan Highway 41

Sign at the Texas Border

Road Through Missouri Corn

Backroad in Need of Paving

Gently Curving Road

Utah Highway 12

Wheat Country Highway

Wheat Crops & Asphalt

Road on Hillside

Fair Weather Sky

Green Rolling Hills & Highway

Napa Valley Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

Oregon's Highway 97

Drive Through the Forest

Wisconsin Hwy 53


Oak Trees Along the Road

Tree Lines Midwest Highway

Historic Colombia River Highway

Farm Country Road

Curving Towards Horizon

Pair of Tunnels on Hwy 33

Central Oregon View

Truck Drivng in Wheat Country

Drive Through the Valley

Rowena Curves

Backroad Needing Repairs

California Drive

Stretch of Oregon Highway

Washington State Rural Road

West Texas Road Junction

Stormy Highway View

Kansas State Line

Fork in the Road

Road Through Rolling Hills

Fall Highway View

Red House on Green Farm

Highway Ahead

Rolling California Countryside

Gentle Curve of Highway

Worn Asphalt Highway

Big Sky Highway

Almond Tree Lined Road

View of Roadkill

New Pavement

Road to Tighman Island

Great Plains Backroad

Intersection of Two Roads

Black & White Road View

Thick Fog on Highway

Road Through the Redwoods

New Mexico Highway

Idaho 95

Palm Lined Roadside

Oregon Wheat Country Road

Infrared View of Trees & Road

Montana Scenic Drive

No Passing Zone

San Andreas Crosses Road

Redwood Highway View

Towering Trees Over a Road

Fog in the Redwoods on 101

Colusa Country Backroad

Rural California Highway

Old Redwood Asphalt Road

U.S. 101 in Del Norte Redwoods

Highway 1 in Mendocino

Curving Highway View



Mountain Road & Highway Stock Photos

This section features stock photos of scenic mountain highways and roads including fall, winter, summer and spring shots from the Rockies, the Sierra Nevadas, Cascades and other Western Mountain areas. Click on a photo to explore.

Arrow on Pavement

Drive Through the Flowers

Golden Aspens in Utah

Highway in the Eastern Sierras

Cascade Highway

Rural Byway in the Rockies

Curving Cascade Highway

Blazing Gold Aspens

Highway 26 in Wyoming

Down the Median

Tight Curves of Highway

Colorado Cyclist

Mt. Jefferson View

Colorado Highway

Drive to the Maroon Bells

Curving Fall Mountain Hwy

Fall Sierra Highway

Rural Road in the Ruby Mtns.

Summer Blacktop

Highway at McClure Pass

Fall Mountain Highway Scene

Curving Mountain Road

View of Highway Through Snow

Sharps Curves at Onion Valley

Wyoming Mountain Highway View

Curving Road in Utah

Bridger-Teton Forest

Rural Utah Highway

Highway in the Tetons

Scenic Mountain Highway

Entrance to Teton Park

Concrete Bridge in Washington

Curve Towards the Tetons

Twists & Turns in the Cascades

Wet, Fall Highway

California 33 Sespe Mtns.



Desert Road & Highway Stock Photos

Views of desert highway scenes from around the Western United States including historic route 66, the badlands of Utah, and the wide open skies of Nevada. Click on a photo for a bigger view.

Along Arizona Hwy 160

Route 66 in the Black Mountains

Desert Highway View

Mojave Desert Route 66

Curve in a Desert Roadway

Mesas on the Horizon

Twists and Turns

Motorcycle on Desert Highway

Blacktop to the Horizon

Utah Desert Drive

Snowy Nevada Highway

Endless Highway View

The Open Roads of Arizona

Arizona Highway 98

Great Basin Highway View

Desert Blooms Along 66

Lonely Nevada Highway

Mojave Desert Road

Navajo County Highway

The Open Road

Drive in the Desert Hills

Fresh Nevada Blacktop

Turn in the Road

Shadows on a Curving Road

Highway 160 Ahead

Rural Desert Highway

Two Lane Utah Roadway

Low on the Horizon

Two-Lane Road in Utah

Wide Open Spaces of Nevada

Straight Down the Middle

Red Rocks and Road

Passing Lane

Capitol Reef Highway

Nevada Curving Road

Low on the Horizon

California Blacktop

Utah Byway

Curving Zion Park Road

Blue Sky Over the Highway

Desert Road View

Car on Borrego Road

Rock Formations in Utah

Mojave Desert Drive

Utah 12 in Escalante

Red Hued Desert Drive

Barren Highway in the Desert

Zion National Park Drive

Northern Arizona Highway

Stretch of Desert Highway

Cyclist on a Desert Road

Highway 12 Near Boulder

Red Rocks Along the Road

Arizona Highway 177

Ahead on the Highway

Desert Rocks



Freeway, Tollway and Divided Highway Stock Photos

This stock photo section features the U.S. Interstate highway system, some California Freeways, and various other divided highways from around America. Click on a photo to begin.

Interstate 5 View

Wyoming I-90

California 101 Sunset

I-94 Minnesota View

Los Angeles Freeway

Interstate 280 at Sunset

I-5 Approaching the Grapevine

The 405 Freeway at Night

280 Approaching San Francisco

I-10 in the Mojave Desert

Truck on I-40 at Dawn

Truck on the Interstate

Interstate in North Dakota

California's Interstate 5

Headlights on the Freeway

Los Angeles Traffic View

Cars on the Freeway

Freeway With Los Angeles

California 134 & Burbank Towers

The Curves of the Freeway

Rush Hour in Los Angeles

The Glendale Freeway

New Jersey Turnpike Signs

Sunset Freeway View

Minnesota Interstate 94

Eastern Montana Interstate

I-70 in Central Utah

I-35 and I-80 in Iowa

Downtown Los Angeles

California Freeway at Sunset

Along I-94 in Montana

Moonrise Over the 101 Freeway

Busy Interstate 15

I-84 Along the Columbia River

Truck Parked Aside I-15

NJ Turnpike Approaching NYC

101 Freeway in Ventura

View of New Jersey Highways

I-70 on the Colorado Plains

Freeway and Overpass

Interstate 84 in Oregon

I-15 Onramp

I-5 Truck & Mt. Shasta Beyond

Pacific Coast Highway

I-10 in West Texas

Busy 80-580 Interchange

Lonely I-90 in Wyoming

California Street Fwy Exit

On the Interstate in the Dakotas

I-5 at the California Border

I-94 on the Montana Plains

Truck on a Montana Interstate

I-15 Across the Mojave Desert

View of Arizona's I-10

Dusk on Interstate 10

I-80 Across Northern Nevada

Decorative Freeway Roadside

Interstate 44 in Oklahoma

U.S. 101 in California

Lonely Overpass in Nevada